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Saturday, May 07, 2005

too many games too little time

I know a lot of people will relate with me on this one, or is it just me. there are too many games (not al good mind you!) that require your time attention and not to mention the money. I am interested in playing thse games for two reasons one simply because they entertain me. But th other is from the point of a designer and a hard core reviewer that sits inside me looking for innovative, irritating and funny things in them, simple to marvel or feel the anguish behind deigns. So enough blah currently i am playing these games...

Far Cry
Burnout 3
Prince of Persia Warrior Within
Meda of Honor: Rising Sun and
Splinters Cell: Pandora Tomorrow

Wow thats a lot of them...I consider a game to be active if I play it atleast an hour every week for sure. From my next post I will write observations on each of these games if possible with screenshots. However the frequency depends on how much time I have after playing these games and doing the multitude of things I get myself involved into. Hopefully it will be soon enough.


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