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Sunday, June 05, 2005

is that it?

That the question a friend of mine asked what does it have to do with games you may say? Well let me put it in context for you and then probably you will get it.

I have a friend who thankfully has nothing much to do with the gaming industry and so can give me an objective view about the industry without having a personal agenda apart from being a wannabe avid gamer (hope you got that). We were discussing about games about how much we play etc. the kind of thigs gamers talk. He brought an interesting point across to me which I need to quote
I used to play a lot of games earlier but nowadays I get bored by games really fast and I cant play any game for more than a few hours and then I cant help wondering is that it?
Now that is something that got me thinking do mainstream games appeal to only a certain age group and are we just designig to tackle those age groups. Put it in a different way do games after a certain point make you realize that you have become old and you are not ft for it or they in turn are not fit for you? How any 40 year olds would admit to having jumped on the beats of DDR?

Is there a way to make the games so that more people (like my friends) can enjoy the game and say is that it? BTW just if you are wondering my friend is still in the 18 to 34 brackets that marketing departments of big publishers are trying to reach out. Maybe its a simple case of gamer fatigue that after a certain "X" number of years you just lose interest in games and if you do why is that is there any answer for it? If so I want to find out for sure.

Which makes me think do people ever reach a point after seeing a movie for 15 mins just walk out and say is that all there is to a movie I guess not.


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