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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Laugh along Burnout 3

How does one end up laughing like crazy while playing Burnout 3 if you are interested read on. Before I get on that I have to say that I have another post under construction about Burnout 3 which is going to be back dated as I started it long back and have been adding some thoughts into it. But to the topic on hand...

Typically its a very gritty and action packed game you hit other cars and race at mind numbing speeds so where do you find the time to laugh. It so happens that if you play this game with veterans then it results in intense competition but if you end up playing with absolute newbies (like my rommate) you end up having a good time. We were playing Team Crash with him not having a good idea about how to play the game (I think this is the only car game he has ever played) and crash after crash we would just laugh hilariously with the way the car bobbed around at weird angles, heights and speeds. But in the process I also realised some things
  • After a point the game stopped being about making the biggest crash but it simply became a complex set of manoeuvres so that both of us could get the 4X multiplier
  • The amount of planning that went into getting the combination right who takes the boost, who takes the curve who doesnt, who goes ahead and who follows etc. made me realise that there was more to this game just in the sense of tactical planning when played in cooperative mode as compared to just picking a car and smashing it on to an intersection
  • Even the selection of car was a very very careful decision that was made, I always picked the heavy ones he always picked the fast ones, this suited our individual styles I guess
  • The fun no longer was confined in the digital world but it also happened in the interaction we had with each other, the taunts and the jibes included.
I know this game is supposed to be about racing and crashing but if we get a few laughs along the way I dont mind it.


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